Academic background

Periods Degree Location Remarks
1990-1991 Baccalauréat C Dla  
1992-1993 DEUG in Mathematics and Computer Sciences Yde  
1993-1994 Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Sciences Yde  
1994-1996 Master in Computer Sciences Yde Introduction to parallel computing
1996-1997 DEA in Computer Sciences Yde/IRISA First contact with IRISA (Rennes)
1997-2001 PhD thesis ( Contribution to parallel computing ) Yde/IRISA See ALADIN and COSI projects
2013 HDR ( High Performance Computing as a Combination of Machines and Methods and Programming ) - slides Paris University Paris-Sud and Mines ParisTech


Professionnal items

Periods Title Location
1998 - 2001 Junior Lecturer in Computer Science University of Yde I
2001 - 2003 Senior Reseacher (Operation Research and high performance scientific computing / Logilab) University of Geneva
2003 - 2004 Senior Reseacher (OR and Theoretical Computer Science / Logilab and the Informatics Center (CUI)) University of Geneva
2004 - 2005 Senior Reseacher (Combinatorial and high performance computing / The Informatics Center (CUI ) University of Geneva
2006 - 2007 Reseach Fellow (Mathematical modelling and Scientific computing for synchrotron crystallography) EMBL Grenoble
2007 - 2009 Reseach Fellow (Computation graph parallelization and program optimization) University of Paris-Sud (Orsay)
2009 - 2012 Reseach Fellow (High Performance Computing for LQCD) LAL / IN2P3 / CNRS (Orsay)
2011 - Reseacher (High Performance Computing and Automatic Code Transformations) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
  Detailed description of my background  


Supervising Activities

Periods Topic Candidate Location
2001 Analyse et implementation des algorithmes pour le produit tensoriel Benedicte Kenmei (UY I) University of Yde I
2002 Medical Database System Lehner Godinho Bianca (UNIGE) University of Geneva
2003 Localisation des les réseaux de senseurs Benjamin Leveque (ENS Lyon) University of Geneva
2003 Gestion des états de la memoire a l'aide de SimpleScalar David Schenk (APM Technology) University of Geneva
2011 Le contrôle interne en milieu informatisé Charles-Henri Léandre (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2011 High Level Optimization of the Dirac Operator Tsemo Djoua (Master II research) University Paris-Sud
2012 Memory Optimization and thread-parallelisation of the Dirac Operator Wiktor Olko (Erasmus) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2012 La phase de transition dans un contrat d'infogérance d'exploitation Frédéric Laurent (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2012 Réflexions sur le développement du SI pour PME Guy Emmanuel Tonye (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2013 Influence du Ministère de la Défense sur le Marketing de la Direction des SI ? Jonathan Bouchaert (Mines ParisTech & CAPGEMINI - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2014 Seamless parallelism in MATLAB Pierre-Louis Caruana (Master II research Paris-Sud) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2014 API for pointers analysis within PIPS Wajdi Farhani (Polytechnique de Tunis) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2014 Software Defined Networking Damien Beurguet (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2014 Traffic Aware Scheduling of large scale distributed systems Jose Afonso Sanches (Universidade Federale Fluminense - PhD) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau) & UFF
2012 - 2014 Multi-cloud architecture for high performance computing applications Alessandro Leite (Universidade de Brazilia - PhD) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau) & UnB
2015 Multi-level memory profiling Vu Hoang Thai (University of Science and Technology of Hanoi - Bachelor) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2015 Le Data Management dans la BI Laurent Nogues (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2015 Convergences dans les télécommunications Fodé Mar (Mines ParisTech & SONATEL - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2015 - ... Analysis and compilation of parallel programming languages Adilla Susungi (Mines ParisTech - PhD) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2015 - ... Accelerating MATLAB applications processing data of radar and optronic sensors Patryk Kiepas (Mines ParisTech/AGH - France&Poland co-tuelle PhD) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2016 Big data management on Cloud computing systems Yassir Samadi (University of Rabat - Doctoral visiting) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2016 MATLAB to VHDL code generation Emmanuel Pedro (ENSEA - Internship) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2017 Big data management on Cloud computing systems Yassir Samadi (University of Rabat - Doctoral visiting) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2017 Memory Performance with GPUs and Manycores Olfa Haggui (Ecole national des ingénieures de Sousse (ENISO) - Doctoral visiting) Mines ParisTech - CRI (Fontainebleau)
2017 Vers une démarche systématique de mise en oeuvre de la Smart City Youness El GHAOUTY (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2017 Quelle IT pour les entreprises technologiques en forte croissance ? Nicolas Goulard (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2017 Reconstruction d'images à grande échelle sur GPU Pierre Oechsel (ENS Lyon - Internship) Mines ParisTech
2018 Data Gouvernance Sébastien Pastor (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech
2018 Mechanization as a Service Alain Ngalani (Mines ParisTech - Professional Thesis) Mines ParisTech


Academic & Scientific Expertises

Periods/When Type Title Role Location
2013 - 2015 Journal Journal of Supercomputing Reviewer -
2013 - 2014 - 2016 Journal Future Generation Computer Systems Reviewer -
2016 - 2017 Journal Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Reviewer -
2013 - 2014 Journal Computational Optimization and Applications Reviewer -
2013 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 Conference International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems (WINSYS) Reviewer & PC Member Iceland
2011 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 Conference Workshop on Applications for Multi-Core Architectures (WAMCA) Reviewer & Chair USA-Brasil-France-USA
2014 Conference International Conference on Advanced Cloud and Green Computing (CLOGREEN) Reviewer & PC Member Morroco
2014 Conference International Conferences on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Reviewer France
2014 Conference International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS) Reviewer & PC Member Morroco
2013 Conference Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks (PDCN) Session Chair Austria
2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 Conference International Conference on Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (CLOUDTECH) Reviewer & Chair Morroco
2014 Conference International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD) Subreviewer France
2014 Conference International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT) SubReviewer Canada
2012 PhD Qualification A Model for Energy-Awareness in Federated Cloud Computing Systems with Service-Level Agreement (A. Leite) Jury Member Brasil
2011 PhD Defense High Performance by Exploiting Information Locality Through Reverse Computing (Mouad Bahi) Jury Member France
2014 PhD Defense Multi-cloud architecture for high performance computing applications (Alessandro Leite) Jury Member France
2015 - 2016 - 2017 Conference International Conference on Cloud Computing Technologies and Applications (CLOUDTECH 2015) Reviewer & Chair Morroco
2016 Journal ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization Reviewer -
2016 - 2017 Conference 3rd Annual International Symposium on Information Management and Big Data (SIMBig 2016) Reviewer & PC Member Peru
2016 - 2017 - 2018 Conference 9th International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering (ICCEE 2016) Reviewer & PC Member Spain
2017 Conference Latin American Conference on High Performance Computing (CARLA 2017) Reviewer & PC Member Argentina
2017 Journal International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC) Reviewer -
2017 Journal Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC) Reviewer -
2017 Conference International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Science (INCISCOS) Reviewer & PC Member Ecuador
2017 Journal IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE TPDS) Reviewer -
2017 Conference 3ième Conférence de Recherche en Informatique (CRI 2017) PC Member Cameroon
2018 Conference 7th Workshop on Parallel Programming Models (MPP 2018) PC Member Canada


Trips (for scientific and technical purposes)

When Where Why
1997 CANADA (Montreal and New-Brunswick) Workshop
1997 FRANCE (Rennes and Grenoble) Visiting
1998 SENEGAL (Dakar and Goree) Colloqium
1999 FRANCE (Rennes)  BELGIUM (Bruxelles) GERMANY (Hannover) Visiting
1999 MORROCO (Oujda) Symposium
2000 FRANCE (Rennes, Besancon, Strasbourg) Visiting
2000 SWITZERLAND (Geneva and Neuchatel) Visiting and Workshop
2000 MADAGASCAR (Tananarive) Colloqium
2001 GREECE (Athens and Thessaloniki) Workshop

SWITZERLAND (Lausanne and Zinal)

2002 ROMANIA (Iasi) Symposium
2002 SPAIN (Barcelone) Visiting
2003 SWITZERLAND ( Grimmentz and Lausanne ) Workshop
2003 ITALIA (Milano) Visiting
2003 GREECE ( Santorini ) Workshop
2003 DANMARK ( Copenhagen ) Symposium
2003 HUNGARY (Budapest) Symposium
2003 USA (Washington / New-York) Visiting
2003 GREECE ( Athens ) Workshop
2004 ITALY ( Verona ) Workshop
2004 ARGENTINA ( Buenos Aires ) Visiting
2004 BRASIL ( Rio de Janeiro ) Workshop
2004 MORROCO ( Casablanca ) Visiting
2004 AUSTRIA (Viena) Visiting
2004 UK ( London ) Visiting
2004 IRELAND ( Dublin ) Workshop
2005 UK ( Bristol ) Invited speaker
2005 UK (Cambridge) Invited speaker
2005 PORTUGAL (Lisbon) Invited speaker
2005 UK (Liverpool) Meeting
2006 GERMANY (Hamburg) Meeting
2007 UK (Didcot) Meeting
2007 MORROCO (Agadir) Symposium
2007 GERMANY (Heidelberg) Meeting
2010 JAPAN (Tsukuba/Tokyo) Conference
2010 BRAZIL (Rio/Petropolis) SBAC-PAD Symposium on High Performance Computing
2011 FINLAND (Helsinki) Symposium/Meeting
2011 MORROCO (Oujda) Invited speaker
2011 BRAZIL (Vitoria) International Symposium
2011 MEXICO (Mexico) International Meeting
2011 CUBA (La Habanna) Visiting
2012 EGYPT (Cairo) Teaching (Multicore Computing)
2012 CHINA (Shanghai) Symposium
2012 INDIA (Delhi) Conference
2012 MORROCO (Agadir) International Conference
2012 BRAZIL (Rio & Niteroi) Teaching (Multicore Computing)
2013 CUBA (La Habana) CICCI & Convention Informatica
2013 BRAZIL (Rio) Cooperation
2013 COLOMBIA (Bogota) Meeting
2013 BRAZIL (Sao Paulo & Recife) SBAC-PAD Symposium on High Performance Computing & meeting
2014 AUSTRIA (Innsbruck) Conference
2014 MORROCO (Marrakech) Conference
2014 BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro & Salvador de Bahia) Seminar and collaborations
2014 EMIRATES (Dubai) Visiting
2014 AUSTRALIA (Cairns) Conference
2014 TUNISIA (Tunis) Academic (jury)
2014 CHILE (Santiago) Seminar and collaborations (Invited speaker)
2015 PERU (Lima & Iquitos) Seminar and collaborations (Invited speaker)
2015 Portugal (Lisbon) Visiting
2015 THE NETHEDERLANDS (Breda) European Project meeting
2015 BRAZIL (Sao Paulo & Unicamp & Rio) Academic (jury)
2016 POLAND (KRAKOW) Academic cooperation
2016 SPAIN (Madrid) Visiting
2016 BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) Seminar & Academic cooperation (Invited speaker)
2016 MORROCO (Marrakesh) Conference (co-organizer)
2016 THE NETHERLANDS (Breda) Meeting
2016 CUBA (Habana & Pinar del Rio) Visiting
2016 SPAIN (San Sebastian) Visiting
2016 UK (High Wycombe) Meeting
2016 MEXICO (Mexico City) Meeting
2016 PANAMA (Panama City) Meeting
2016 ECUADOR (Quito) Conference (Invited Speaker)
2016 USA (Los Angeles) Conference
2017 CAMEROON (Yaounde) CETIC Collaboration
2017 THE NEDERLANDS (Eindhoven - Gilze) Meeting (European Project)
2017 BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) Workshop and Collaboration
2017 CUBA (Havana) Visiting
2017 ITALY (Genoa) Conference
2018 UK (Manchester) Conference
2018 JAPAN (Tokyo) Conference


Selected items

  • During my third year at the university, I introduce myself to algorithmic, combinatoric and complexity challenges. My principal dream was (and remains!) to bring answers to some crucial questions yet unsolved, like those related to the theory of NP-Completeness and the design of time optimal parallel algorithms
  • In my master report, I have developped a simple work optimal algorithm for sorting items in linear time. The mains idear was to allocate each stage of the classical heapsort to one processor and perform pipeline operations. The main advantage that makes this algorithm good for pratical issue (ATM network) was the addressing rule and the possibility to performs several operations in the same cycle. I continued this work in my first PhD year and we were about to validate it when another team discovered nearly the same algorithm and published it.

  • Another interesting thing I have done during my master was to built a software (named SYSTOLICA) for the design and simulation of systolic algorithms.

  • My first contact with IRISA was based in the previous sorting algorithm together with a challenge to built an efficient parallel algorithm for the Kronecker product and for the Algebraic Path Problem.

  • I received the IEEE price of the best communication in the conference renpar11 (see here). Note that it was my first conference participation

  • The two years following my phd, I introduced myself to large-scale convex optimization and its relation with combinatorial optimization. Very exciting topic and efficient approach with serious challenges.

  • At EMBL, I was involved in computing research activities in synchrotron crystallography. It has been proven that specific radiation damage can help in solving macromolecular crystal structures. However, global damage can also occur at the same time, thereby producing a joint effect which can be hindering depending on its magnitude and the distribution of the B-values. In order to keep handling the benefit of the specific damage, we need to deconvolute between these two effects and thereby provide an efficient intensities approximation of the susceptible atoms subset. Moreover, because data collection is subject to several perturbating factors (conditions and aleas of experiments), refinement techniques need to be developped in order to either correct the data, rescale in order to make them internally consistent, or estimate critical parameters. A conjunction of such factors may lead to serious mathematical and numerical challenges

  • I am currently involved in high performance computing research activities (multicore, accelerator-based, and standard parallel (super)computers).