MINWii : a musical serious game for patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease or similar types of dementia. Its aim is to restore mild to moderately severe patients' self-esteem through a failure-free activity which makes use of their often surprisingly intact musical abilities. Also, it's quite fun !

Music Therapy

Association Française de Musicothérapie : The French Music Therapy Association is closely linked to the department of psychology of Paris Descartes University and federates a large part of french music therapists.

Institut de Psychologie de Paris Descartes
: Offers several degrees in art and music therapy for research and clinical applications.

: Web platform created by the Nordic Association for Music Therapy and frequently updated by a large number of music therapists worldwide.

Wii Community

Wilii.org : The Wiili project aims at running Linux on the Wii. It contains a lot of information about the Wii, its accessories and what you can do by connecting them to a computer.

GlovePie : An excellent piece of software to interface Wiimotes with a Windows computer

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