I was a PhD student at the research center for computer science (CRI) of the "Ecole des mines de Paris" (ENSMP). In my thesis I'm proposing a formal definition for the SSA language, an intermediate form that is commonly used in all the industrial compilers for imperative languages. I'm providing a proof of the correctness of the translation from an imperative language to SSA form, and I provide different techniques for defining static analyzers on the SSA form. During my thesis, I have worked with Georges-Andre Silber (CRI), Albert Cohen (INRIA Futurs), Pierre Jouvelot (CRI), and Francois Irigoin (CRI).

My main interests are compilers, languages, computer architectures, formal methods, and discrete mathematics. Here is a list of papers that I have written.

During my MSc thesis I have worked with Philippe Clauss and Vincent Loechner at the ICPS labs ("Image and Parallel Scientific Computing" at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg), on a static analysis of induction variables, and with Albert Cohen at INRIA Rocquencourt on the ORC/Open64 compilers . You may find a more precise description of my contributions in my curriculum vitae [pdf] [ps.gz].

Sebastian Pop
Sebastian Pop
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