Even though this music is my own, it's mostly inspired by the style and chromatism of late romantic composers, say from Berlioz, Bruckner, Wagner and Mahler to Richard Strauss. Contemporary music I like can be mostly heard in movie scores, say from Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer to John Williams. Of course, I'm way behind! Anyhow, for your own enjoyment and, possibly, feedback you might want to send me (see below), here are some of my last pieces.

You'll find below links to scores in Postscript, "MIDI" files in General MIDI and music sound files (".au", WAV or mp3). All sound files except mp3's are not that great since I didn't bother spending too much time on tweaking the sound; what matters is the music!

As a hobbyist composer, I have been taking harmony and counterpoint classes since 1995 at Schola Cantorum, in Paris, under the direction of composer Narcis Bonet. These are short pieces for piano composed since taking these classes :

Then, here are my own harmonizations of two of Bach's chorales. These are mostly fourt-part harmony exercises, but some of the harmonies are interesting nonetheless: If you are interested in some of my old, "pre-education" era compositions, please look at these short examples (but, please, be indulgent). If you only want one shot, try the waltz: Besides good old music paper sheets, pencil and eraser at the piano, I use the following MIDI home studio: By the way, all comments are welcome, in particular with respect to harmony or other composition errors.

If you want to know about me in general, check my home page.

(C) Recordings and scores are property of Pierre Jouvelot. Do not copy without permission.