Contributions to High Performance Fortran Compilation

Fabien Coelho
PhD dissertation, École des mines de Paris.
Report EMP CRI A-293, October 1996.
320 pages, 261 references.

Note: This thesis is mostly written in English with some parts in French.


This thesis presents our contributions to High Performance Fortran (HPF) compilation. HPF is a data-parallel language based on Fortran. Directives are used to specify parallelism and data mapping onto distributed memory parallel architectures. We aim at translating a global addressing implicit communication HPF program into a message passing parallel model. Our approach is based on formalizing the compilation technical problems into a mathematical framework and on using standard algorithms to generate optimized code. First, the HPF programming language is introduced and the related work is discussed. Second, we analyse HPF design issues, and suggest possible improvements to the language definition. Third, we present our compilation techniques for parallel loops, I/O and HPF remappings. All issues are addressed, including memory allocation and addressing, load balancing, temporary storage management and so on. Optimality results and experiments are presented. Finally we describe our prototype compiler (HPFC) and the software environment in which it has been developed (PIPS), before concluding.

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