Fabien Coelho
CRI, M&S, MINES-ParisTech

May 6, 2022

1 Private data structures for FREIA -SPOC


A special DAG for FREIA (SPOC) code generation.

The Generic Oriented Graph provided by PIPS is both too minimal and too generic for my purpose.

Lists are used instead of sets (for preds, succs, vertices) to help determinism.

Import entity from "ri.newgen"

Import statement from "ri.newgen"

pstatement = persistant statement + empty:unit

vtxcontent = optype:int x opid:int x source:pstatement x inputs:entity* x out:entity

The operation (optype, opid) may not be commutative, thus the order of input images (inputs) is significant, and some adjustement may be necessary when mapping onto the hardware.

There is a lot of information kept here, possibly redundant (?), because it is/may be needed for regenerating the code.

Somehow I need in/out effects from within the sequence, or possibly use-def chains?

dagvtx = content:vtxcontent x succs:dagvtx*

What about the first and last vertices? They can be deduced because they do not have predecessors or successors?

dag = inputs:dagvtx* x outputs:dagvtx* x vertices:dagvtx*

The order of vertices in the list is the inverse of their occurence in the sequence, so that the first to produce an image is indeed to one that produced it if a variable is reused.

List inputs stores external inputs to the DAG. List outputs is for the nodes of the DAG which produce an image expected outside.