Welcome to Samuel Benveniste's homepage (resume)
contact : samuel.benveniste@mines-paristech.fr

I am an associated researcher at MINES ParisTech. I am also CTO for the French National Center of Expertise in Cognitive Stimulation (CEN STIMCO).

The goal of the MAWii and MINWii/MINDs projects is to study the potential benefits of using video game technologies (such as the Wii) and computational musicology (which I studied at IRCAM) in active music therapy.

I work at the Computer Science Research Center (CRI) in the team led by Pr. Pierre Jouvelot, a specialist in computer languages and computer-assisted musical education.

You may see my various papers here and if you want some more in-depth information I have put a few interesting links here. Also, you might be interested in listening to a few audio excerpts stored here.

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