About Me

I am an ex-PhD student at MINES ParisTech (aka l'École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris), a top French engineering school — which is now part of the PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres) Research University.

I work at the Centre de recherche en informatique (Computer Science Research Center – CRI) which is located in Fontainebleau (~60km from Paris, big French royal palace), France.

A copy of my résumé is available here (in French, sorry).

My thesis focuses on the efficient use of manycore processors especially with image processing applications through the use of modern compilation techniques.
My supervisors are François Irigoin and Fabien Coelho.

I currently work on the 256 cores MPPA Manycore chip developped by the French company Kalray.
Several programming models are provided to take advantage of this chip, in particular a high-level dataflow programming language called Sigma-C.
I first focused on writing an automatic generator of Sigma-C for easily targetting the MPPA Manycore chip and using the FREIA image processing DSL as an input.

I am currently porting the C++ image processing library Smil — which is developped by the Center of Mathematical Morphology (CMM) MINES ParisTech — onto the MPPA Manycore.

As a matter of fact, I use the CRI homemade source-to-source compiler platform PIPS.

Since the beginning of my PhD in fall 2013, I presented my work several times, including:

I wrote with Nelson Lossing a paper about source-to-source transformations and the C99 specification.
This paper was presented at the London conference CPC'15, and a modified version was accepted at the SCAM'16 conference, which was held in Raleigh, NC, in October 2016.

I attended the ACACES HiPEAC Summer School in July 2015, which took place in Fiuggi, IT.


I also happen to be Teaching Assistant in several MINES ParisTech graduate-level engineering courses, namely:

  • S1816 — Distributed applications
  • S1825 — Computer hardware and software architecture
  • S1916 — Digital Audio Coding
  • S1934 — Information Systems


A (partial) list of my publications and other work is also available on the HAL archive system.

PhD Defense

Compilation efficace d'applications de traitement d'images pour processeurs manycore
Pierre Guillou
November 2016, MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University, Paris, FR
Thesis dissertation   Slides


Effects Dependence Graph: A Key Data Concept for C Source-to-Source Compilers
Nelson Lossing, Pierre Guillou et Francois Irigoin
SCAM'16, October 2016, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.
Paper   Slides

A Dynamic to Static DSL Compiler for Image Processing Applications
Pierre Guillou, Benoît Pin, Fabien Coelho et François Irigoin
CPC 2016, July 2016, Valladolid, ES
Paper   Slides

From Data to Effects Dependence Graphs: Source-to-Source Transformations for C
Nelson Lossing, Pierre Guillou, Mehdi Amini et François Irigoin
CPC'15, January 2015, London, UK
Paper   Slides

Automatic Streamization of Image Processing Applications
Pierre Guillou, Fabien Coelho et François Irigoin
LCPC 2014, September 2014, Portland, OR, U.S.A.
Paper   Slides

Invited Seminars

Compilation efficace d'applications de traitement d'images pour processeurs manycore
CEA List, December 2016, Saclay, FR

Compilation efficace d'applications de traitement d'images pour processeurs manycore
Inria Grenoble, September 2016, Grenoble, FR


Rust: system programming with guarantees
Arnaud Spiwack, Pierre Guillou
CRI Monthly Seminar, July 2015, Fontainebleau, FR

Enhancing your professional effectiveness through software solutions
Pierre Guillou
CRI Monthly Seminar, April 2014, Fontainebleau, FR

Portage et optimisation d'applications de traitement d'images sur architecture Kalray MPPA-Manycore
Pierre Guillou
7e Journées de la Compilation, December 2013, Dammarie-les-Lys, FR


Compiling Image Processing Applications for Many-Core Accelerators
Pierre Guillou
ACACES 2015, July 2015, Fiuggu, IT

Compilation d’applications de traitement d’images sur architecture MPPA-Manycore
Pierre Guillou
ComPAS'2014, April 2014, Neuchâtel, CH


Compilation d’applications de traitement du signal sur accélérateurs matériels à haute efficacité énergétique
Pierre Guillou
Progress report on the 1st year of PhD, May 2014
Report   Slides


I can be reached using the following information:

rf (tod) hcetsirap-senim (ta) uolliug (tod) erreip
+33 (0) 1 64 69 48 50
Room R.04, Building P (Couperin)
Centre de recherche en informatique
MINES ParisTech
35, rue Saint-Honoré
77305 Fontainebleau CEDEX