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Centre de Recherche en Informatique, École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, 35, rue Saint-Honoré, F-77305 FONTAINEBLEAU CEDEX FRANCE. {ancourt,coelho,creusillet,keryell}

How to Add a New Phase in PIPS: the Case of Dead Code Elimination

Corinne ANCOURT - Fabien COELHO - Béatrice CREUSILLET - Ronan KERYELL

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abstract PIPS is an experimental tool to implement and evaluate various interprocedural compilation, parallelization, analysis and optimization techniques. This paper focuses on the workbench used to build these compilers and how to add a new phase in PIPS , a dead code elimination, using the management of data structures, of dependences between the various analysis and transformation phases, and using the mathematical libraries in PIPS . PIPS is available to the community and it is what motivates this article.

Keywords: programming environment, workbench, make, interprocedural parallelizer, interactive parallelizer, optimizer, dead code elimination, reverse engineering, CASE.

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