Compilation of I/O Communications for HPF

Fabien Coelho.
Report EMP CRI A-264.
In proceedings, Frontiers'95, McLean (VA, USA), February 1995.
8 pages, 40 references.


The MIMD Distributed Memory architecture is the choice architecture for massively parallel machines. It insures scalability, but at the expense of programming ease. New languages such as HPF were introduced to solve this problem: the user advises the compiler about data distribution and parallel computations through directives. This paper focuses on the compilation of I/O communications for HPF. Data must be efficiently collected to or updated from I/O nodes with vectorized messages, for any possible mapping. The problem is solved using standard polyhedron scanning techniques. The code generation issues to handle the different cases are addressed. Then the method is improved and extended to parallel I/Os. This work suggests new HPF directives for parallel I/Os.

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